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  • Standards

    The standards section allows you to quickly access the European Ross Performance Objectives (standards) for Parent and Broiler generations and The Ross 308, 708 and PM3 products.

    You can view all sections of the performance objectives and use the “scroller” function to select the days/weeks of age specific to your own view requirements. You can change the product and generation type as well as customise the view to show and hide fields by selecting the settings icon at the bottom right hand side of the screen; the App will automatically store the view selections you have chosen ready for the next time you open the screen.

  • Conversion Tool

    The conversion function combines the most common calculations used daily in one easy to use tool. The tool is a unit convertor which converts various Industry-specific calculations such as Area, Length, Volume, Weight, Energy (nutrition), Pressure, Stocking Density, Temperature, Light and Ventilation.

    Each calculator has two sections that can be scrolled up or down. Scroll section one to the measure you have the value for and scroll section two to the measure you wish to convert to. Then, using the calculator keys near the bottom, input the value to be converted. The converted figure will now be displayed in section two.

  • Date Finder

    The date finder is a tool specifically designed as a practical method of relating calendar dates to flock age to make it easier to track performance waypoints and support needs. Previously available in paper format, we are pleased to launch an electronic version of this handy and practical tool.

  • New Documents

    Nutrition Specifications have been added to the App, providing the most up-to-date and relevant advice at your fingertips whenever, and wherever you need it.

  • EPEF

    The EPEF calculator will appear when you have selected “Broiler” in the type section under settings. The EPEF calculator calculates livability percentage, live weight in kg, age in days and FCR to give you an EPEF result. In the UK, If your EPEF result is 400 or more a box will pop-up to let you know you qualify for entry to the 400 club and will ask you to visit www.aviagen.com/ross400club for more information.

  • Help Function

    The help screen answers FAQ’s and will give help as to navigation of the App and how to set up specific user views. Click on “Help” button at the bottom of the screen to access this function.